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Extending Roof Life Through Maintenance

ROOF MAINTENANCE TO MAXIMIZE ROOF LIFE A roof is a very expensive part of your building, often the most expensive component. So why do so many people install a new roof and then ignore it for 18 years, then wonder what went wrong? A roof is a major investment that ties up a lot of … Read more

The American Rescue Plan Act and the Opportunity for Schools

Did you know that the average age of a school building is 44 years old? And according to Education Week®, while a majority of schools said that their facilities are in “good” or “excellent” condition, 24% of schools reported that their buildings do not meet those standards. Out of those surveyed, about a quarter said … Read more

4 Signs Your School Needs A Roof Upgrade

Damage to your roof isn’t something you want for your home, office, or school. Roof upgrades can be costly, but the risks associated with neglecting roof maintenance are high enough to warrant a second consideration. If the roof of your school is getting up there in years, here are a few ways to tell if … Read more

IRC & School Roofs

When you have students to think about, you can’t afford to put off necessary repairs to your school facility. A musty, mildew smell certainly doesn’t make for a great learning environment. No matter the extent of damage, IRC is here to help you make roof repairs that keep your students and faculty safe throughout the … Read more

What is SPF (and Why Does it Matter)?

Just about everyone in the roofing industry knows that spray foam is something that no other roofing system can compete with. To fully understand this, you have to see every advantage. If you’re looking at major commercial roof repairs or a replacement entirely, don’t discount an SPF roof. What is SPF? SPF stands for Sprayed … Read more

4 Signs Your Airplane Hangar or Airport Needs a New Roof

When it comes to the equipment stored inside your airplane hangar or the people passing through your airport, safety is of the utmost importance. There’s nothing safe about a roof in dire need of repairs. If it’s been a while since your last roof inspection, IRC can help you determine if it’s time for a … Read more

Don’t Endanger Yourself to Save Money

Working Safely on Your Roof Saves Money Too many people take on DIY roofing projects without the capability of completing them safely. They want to save money, save a little time perhaps, or just don’t want to work with a contractor. For whatever the reason, they try to complete their roofing project on their own, … Read more

Why Restoration Coating?

A RESTORATION COATING CAN RENEW YOUR ROOF WITHOUT TEARING IT OFF Many people think that once their roof is old and worn out, they simply have to tear it off and replace it with a completely new roof. This is true in some situations, but in others you can replace your roof without tearing it … Read more

How To Avoid Roofing Seams with Spray-On Roofing

In almost any roofing system used today, the seams are the biggest cause of concern for building owners. They expand and contract, they separate and pull apart, and they become an area that allows the roof to leak. The seams are the first part of the roof to go, and they usually don’t weather too … Read more

Advantages of Spray Foam Roofing

Just about everyone in the roofing industry knows that spray foam roofing offers advantages and benefits that no other roofing system can compete with. Initially, spray foam was used in a softer form in upholstery work, the material soon proved itself to be adaptable to construction projects from roofing to wall insulation. This time-tested development … Read more

What to Look for While Inspecting an SPF Roof

A properly maintained polyurethane foam roof will provide excellent insulation, save money on energy consumption all while protecting your building and its contents against nature’s extremes. That is why it is so important to periodically inspect your roof for damage or defects on a regular basis. It is recommended that you inspect your roof at … Read more

There’s Something You Need to Know About Commercial Roofers

There’s Something You Need to Know About Commercial Roofers If you’re a veteran commercial building owner or property manager, you’ve probably been here before: You have a big project coming up. You have multiple roofs that need a long-lasting solution. You’re faced with a choice. Which roofing contractor are you going to call to handle … Read more

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