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Spray Foam

The Most Advanced Roofing System

Spray Polyurethane Foam is the best roofing material on the planet–we believe that wholeheartedly. Let’s look at what makes spray foam so great, and why we believe in it so much.

Sprayed Polyurethane Foam can be installed quickly, doesn’t require tearing off your old roof system, and provides the best insulation properties of any roof system once installed. On top of all this, because it doesn’t have any fasteners or seams, both leaks and repairs of a SPF roof are extremely rare.

Spray foam is a great fit for both new construction and retrofit applications. In new construction, some sort of roof deck – often metal – must first be installed before the foam can be applied. In retrofit, or re-roof, applications, the foam can be applied directly to the existing roof in many cases. Both applications are a great fit for spray foam thanks to its unmatched versatility.

Benefits of an SPF Roof

Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is a roofing material that can be installed quickly

Doesn’t require tearing off your old roof system

Provides the best insulation properties of any roof system

Doesn’t have any fasteners or seams

Both leaks and repairs of an SPF roof are extremely rare

As the foam cures, it expands to approximately 20 times its original mass for increased integrity

The highest R-value of any roofing material on the market

Extreme Weather resistant

No Downtime

Weather Resistant

No Leaks or Repairs

Safety Checks and Warranty

IRC is the largest spray foam roof contractor in the US.

Spray Foam by the Numbers

4.5 years

to recoup

35 years

Average spf roof life


of your building’s energy is dedicated to heating and cooling


reduction of energy usage


lower roof temp on a 90 degree day

50 cents

per sq ft annual savings

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