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The pharmaceutical industry may not be top of mind when thinking about roofing. However, it is one of the most important sectors when it comes to the significance of a properly functioning roof. They produce products that benefit the health of people around the world. A faulty roof can compromise a product and have far-reaching consequences.

IRC is comprised of experts who have worked across various industries and who have the skill set to complete work with zero downtime. That way, your facility can keep functioning while we make the necessary repairs to your roof. From costs to government regulations, we understand why facility maintenance can be daunting, but when you work with IRC, you can trust that the project is being conducted safely and carefully.

For over 40 years, IRC has been the go-to solution for pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. We are a family-owned and operated business and have been since we opened our doors in 1974. We were committed to quality and doing the right thing back then, and we still are today. We have worked hard every single day to build a reputation with our customers as a vendor that they can trust and depend on for all their roofing needs.

What We Provide

Safety Checks

No Downtime

Covering for Vehicles

Energy Savings

Leak Free

Safety is our top priority

Exceeding safety standards

Here at IRC, safety is our top priority. As you can see, our dedication for safety sets us apart from others in our industry. We get the job done right, and we protect your team and ours while we do it.

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We are proud to have completed over 200,000 square feet of roofing projects for Pharmaceutical companies

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