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The Pool Man, Inc. has been serving the Kentuckiana area since 1998. They are a family-owned and operated business that provides quality pool products and services to their customers. They own a single retail store in Clarksville, IN and recently purchased a building across the street to warehouse out of season and overstocked items.


When the first major rain hit after they purchased the new building, the owners of The Pool Man realized they had a problem on their hands – a leaking roof in their fully stocked warehouse. They had already moved all of their overstocked and out of season items into this building and were now at risk of damaging and losing thousands of dollars’ worth of inventory. The Pool Man needed a rapid solution, so they turned to a contractor they trusted. Insulated Roofing Contractors (IRC) installed a spray foam roof for The Pool Man a few years back, so a relationship had already been developed. When the leaks were discovered, The Pool Man contacted IRC immediately to see what solutions they could explore.


When presented with the facts of the situation, IRC recommended that the silicone RCR system from Progressive Materials (PM) be utilized for the project. The new building had a smooth built-up roof, which was a perfect candidate for the Silicone RCR system from PM. The 100% silicone coating could be applied directly to the roof with no primer needed. The system would only require a single coat, and would provide a monolithic membrane covering the existing roof. The silicone RCR system was the quickest solution available to The Pool Man as it could be applied in a single day.


  • Power washed the smooth surface built-up roof to remove all dirt and grease stains.
  • Swept the roof surface to remove any debris left behind from the power washing.
  • Any damaged areas and lap seams were fixed using a 3 course coating-fabric-coating system.


Probably the greatest benefit realized by The Pool Man on this project was the quick turnaround. From the time the leaks were discovered to the time the job was completed, no products were damaged. Thanks to the responsiveness of both IRC and PM, the job was completed in a single day. Other benefits of the coating are:

  • The RCR system was completed for a fraction of the cost of a complete roof replacement.
  • The PM silicone coating was significantly easier to spray than an acrylic. An acrylic system would have required three or four coats on the roofing surface, while the silicone RCR system only required one.
  • The coating created a monolithic (one piece) membrane on the roof that is designed to resist ponding water and prevent leaks.
  • Protrusions in the roof surface such as vents also received the 3 course system.
  • Coated the field of the roof with 100% silicone coating once lap seams and protrusions had dried.
  • The Pool Man will see reduced energy costs in the new building as the reflective properties of the white coating do not absorb the sun’s heat, but reflect it.
  • The system is renewable, and can be replaced in 10-15 years by simply applying another layer of coating. This translates into minimal repairs and maintenance expenses for The Pool Man.

Lisa Kane, part owner and manager of The Pool Man, Inc., had this to say about the experience of working with Progressive Materials’ RCR system and IRC: “It was all fabulous. The material looks great and we have no more leaks, compared with six or seven leaks before the install. The guys let us know exactly when they’d be here and were on time.”

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