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You’ve Got a Problem, and the Only Prescription is an SPF Roof

Damage to your pharmaceutical manufacturing facility roof is the last thing you want to have as an issue. The far-reaching effect a contaminated drug could have on people worldwide is impossible to quantify. But, like any building, even pharmaceutical companies need to be aware of the damage that can affect the integrity of the building’s exterior. If problems do exist, sometimes the only prescription is a new SPF roof.

So how can an SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam) roof mitigate damage and save you money in the long run?

An SPF Roof is Leak-Free

Many built-up and single-ply roof systems have ongoing issues with missed details and harmful penetrations. With an SPF roof, you will have a seamless and self-flashing system that better protects your building by creating its own transitions at difficult angles, such as pipes, walls, and edges. However, if spray foam roofing is not what you’re looking for, IRC offers single-ply roof options that utilize welded seams reducing leaks and repairs.

This makes water damage issues like mold and falling debris a thing of the past. Ultimately, this protects your product, employees, and wallet.

SPF Saves Energy, Money, and Your Product

Having an SPF roof for your pharmaceutical manufacturing facility will have an immediate impact after the installation. SPF acts as a heat, moisture, and air barrier, providing direct savings that quickly help you recoup the cost of your new roof.

For some pharmaceutical facilities, temperature matters. An SPF roof not only saves you money by keeping in heat and cool air depending on the season, but it also helps to regulate the necessary temperature of your products. Bringing in IRC as your roofing contractor saves money and keeps your facility safer.

No Tear-Off is Required & No Downtime

The beauty of an SPF roof is that no tear-off is required from your previous roof. We can install your new roof overtop existing material without the hassle and hours that go into removal. Due to this easy installation, your employees won’t have to stop work, saving your facility time and money during the course of the project.

Other roofs can often require you to cease production, putting you way behind schedule and frustrating your employees. IRC helps you avoid that headache with the simple, no-hassle installation of an SPF roof.

A new roof may not be something you think about for your facility. However, it may be time for you to call a professional and have them inspect the state of your roof. IRC can do a complete roof inspection and install our top-of-the-line SPF roof without you having to worry for a second. Lasting up to 30 years, SPF can offer you the peace of mind that your facility is safe and that you have a roofing contractor who can get the job done right.

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