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How a Damaged Roof Can Affect Your Food and Beverage Production Center

Part of food safety is the environment in which food is handled, prepared, and served. Therefore, your roof is a vital part of your production center. Countless dangers can result from a damaged roof that isn’t properly sealed. Here are just a few ways that a damaged roof can have a negative effect on your food and beverage production center and why you should bring in a commercial roofing company to make repairs.

Water Damage 

A damaged roof can create a myriad of problems. Rainwater or melting snow can leak into the facility damaging equipment and creating a hazard for workers. Excess water can also lead to mold growth, causing harm to both workers and the food products being produced.

Pest Infestations 

Pests such as birds, rodents, and insects can enter your facility via an impaired roof, contaminating food products and creating a health hazard. Additionally, you could be faced with the difficult and costly task of removing these pests from your facility once they’ve gotten inside. 

Dirt and Dust Contamination 

A severely damaged roof leads to infrastructure problems and could collapse, posing a danger to workers, equipment, and structures within the facility. However, even if it doesn’t collapse, unnatural openings in your roof can often drop dirt and debris into your facility, potentially contaminating your products. 

Air Quality 

Depending on where the production center is located, a leaking roof could allow harmful air into your facility, introducing pollutants or allergens that could affect the air quality inside. This could harm workers as well as affect the quality of the food products. This is the easiest danger to miss, yet it can often have the most catastrophic results.

So What Can You Do?

Bottom line is that you have to repair or replace your roof. That is the answer to protecting your production center, the products you make, and the people who are in your facility day-in and day-out. 

IRC is here to do the hard work for you. Our spray polyurethane foam (SPF) provides the perfect solution for your facility. Tear-off is unnecessary with an SPF roof, meaning that once the roof has been inspected and any major damage has been dealt with according to OSHA guidelines, we simply spray over the existing roof. This means that your business needs zero downtime during the re-roofing process. Our SPF roof is designed for commercial businesses looking for the best protection and saving money in the long run.

So don’t settle for a broken roof and the harm it causes. Let IRC come and give you the roof you deserve!

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