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Extending the Life of Spray Foam Roofing

How Long Can Spray Foam Roofs Last?

Spray foam roofs are generally expected to last around 20 years at installation. The roof will last much longer than 20 years, but this is the standard warranty period. This all depends on the thickness of the foam and the coating, and applying more of either of them will generally extend the warranty term. However, the roof isn’t done after the expiration of the first warranty term. There is a magical thing called a re-coat that extends the life of the foam another 20 years, all with only renewing the silicone coating on top of the foam; the foam is never touched.

When to Re-coat Your Roof?

A spray foam roof can be recoated at any time, but we recommend having it done before your warranty expires, that way you are never “out in the cold” without a warranty on your roof. Before your roof can be recoated, the roof must be inspected to make sure there are no leaks and no areas of wet foam. Once the roof has been inspected and any problems have been addressed, the roof needs to be cleaned and then a new protective coating will be applied. The coating can be acrylic or silicone, but it should always be the same as the original coating on the roof.

Once the new coating has been applied, the roof’s warranty period can be extended up to 20 more years. This means you are getting a roofing system with a 40 year warranty, and generally 40 years of leak-free protection, with only one initial install, and one major repair, which is the recoat itself.

This is an example of an older foam roof that was not properly protected with a silicone coating, and yet is still adhered to the roof.

Perhaps the best part about this is that there is no known limit as to how many times you can recoat a spray foam roof. As long as the roof is properly inspected and repaired each time it is recoated, and as long as it is maintained throughout the years, there are no real threats that can cause the foam to deteriorate. Could a spray foam roof last forever? Maybe.

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