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Get the Most Out of Your Spray Foam Roof


Spray foam roofs are a fabulous system that provide many benefits to those who elect to have them installed. However, if you simply have the roof installed by a professional and then ignore it for the rest of the roof’s life, you won’t get the great results that spray foam roofs are known for. To maximize the benefits of your roof, there are some very basic things you need to do. These are small, simple items, but they are important.

Regular Inspections

Whether these inspections are being performed by you, someone on your staff, or a professional roofing contractor is largely irrelevant. As long as the roof is properly inspected on a regular basis (we recommend 2x per year), you can expect it to perform better because any issues that arise will be solved before they become major problems.

Small repairs are extremely easy to make on a spray foam roof.
Small repairs are extremely easy to make on a foam roof.

Minor Repairs

From time to time, spray foam roofs have to be repaired. Yes, it’s true, spray foam roofs aren’t the ultimate roofing system that is right in every situation and never fails. Sometimes a small repair or two is required to keep the roof in good working condition.

Major Repairs

Even less common than minor repairs, are major repairs. These are issues where the roof is in serious need of a repair. These are commonly due to extreme weather, something on the roof causing damage, or improper installation. For these major repairs, it is recommended that you use a professional roofing contractor to make sure the roof is properly repaired and will be in good shape moving forward.


This is the most important key to getting the most out of your roof. After about 12-15 years, the protective coating over top of the foam needs to be recoated to ensure the roof stays protected. When foam is exposed to the elements, it deteriorates extremely rapidly, and must then be replaced, which can be expensive. However, if the foam stays protected, all it requires is a recoating, which is fast, easy, and inexpensive.
Making sure you recoat your roof on schedule is the best way to ensure you get the full value out of your spray foam roof, specifically, extremely low life-cycle costs.


As you may have expected, the keys to getting maximum value out of your spray foam roof rest in taking care of the roof periodically. Generally there will be no major issues you have to take care of, just small, manageable things that you can solve as they come up.

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