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We’re Green

Our roofing system is very environmentally friendly. We strive to offer the best possible roof, help save on energy cost to our customers, and be as environmentally friendly as possible. In doing so, we have established a large customer basis that continues to come back to us job after job. Our salesmen are happy to assist you with any questions regarding our environmentally-friendly roofing system.

Don't remove your roof, retrofit it. it's more environmentally friendly
Tearing off your roof not only costs money, it also takes time and adds trash to our landfills.

We help our customers save money

One way we do this is with our foaming system. With, for example, metal roofs, we do not tear out the metal and replace it and spray over with foam. Instead, we apply our foam directly over top of the roof to seal in any holes or seams that may be failing. This is the biggest way we try and stay green and while we are helping the environment by not getting rid of their old roof, we are also helping our customers by saving them money on a tear out process that didn’t need to occur. This process can be done not only on metal roofs, but most roof types.

We also have other systems aimed specifically at helping our customers cut back on their energy expenses. We apply silicone coatings that are very reflective, keeping the building cooler, helping your HVAC system work less, and saving you money. Instead of some roofing systems that absorb the UV rays, our system reflects those UV rays and helps bounce them back into the atmosphere. White silicone is the most reflective, reflecting up to 87% of the UV rays. This helps keep the building cooler in the summer. Silicone coatings can help cut back on your energy expenses by up to 25%.

On top of the energy savings, our silicone coatings generally don’t need any primers or other products to be used. This cuts back on the cost of the materials because the silicone adheres to itself and most roofing systems that have already been applied. It also reduces the number of harsh chemicals that are being applied and put into the atmosphere.


We are a company that is focused on preserving the environment, and as we do this, we pass along the savings generated by our system to you.

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