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Why Choose Insulated Roofing Contractors?


We’re the Best

Each year Arizona State University’s Performance Based Studies Research Group rates companies in our industry across a number of criteria. With 100% customer satisfaction and 100% on-time completion, and virtually no leaking roofs, we consistently lead the pack in our industry. If there is ever a problem, we resolve it immediately at no expense to the customer. As well as leading the pack, we also consistently receive top quality awards from industry groups.

FaviconWe’re the Industry Leader

We install more square footage than any other company in the study, which makes our high ratings even more impressive. In fact, we consistently win more high volume and quality awards year after year from suppliers like BASF and Bay Systems than anyone in the country. Unlike other contractors, we maintain many crews to ensure we get the jobs done in a timely manner.

We Handle Projects of All Sizes

We’ve done some of the largest roofing projects in the country, including repairs on the New Orleans Superdome after Hurricane Katrina. But, we work on projects of all sizes and are very proud of that fact. We handle much smaller projects with the same enthusiasm and commitment to quality, on a daily basis.

We’re the Roofing Specialists

Insulated Roofing Contractors specializes exclusively in roofing, including SPF and Single Ply. This focus gives us a level of expertise and a familiarity with even the newest technology that other companies simply can’t match. In fact, we’re the largest dedicated SPF roofing contractor in the United States

roofing contractors
We have been doing this a long time; we have some major projects under our belt.

We’re Experienced

Roofs installed nearly forty years ago by Insulated Roofing Contractors are still in place and going strong. We’ve handled roofing projects of all sizes for hospitals, school systems and others throughout the country. We also work extensively with architects and with seasoned CADD operators in-house. We have LEED Accredited Professionals on staff as well to make sure that we’re involved in your project from start to finish. Our experience on a multitude of past projects mean we can help you with whatever you’re facing, because we’ve probably seen it before.

We’re Quick

We’ve built a reputation for fast response, so if you have a roof problem and time is critical, we are the go-to people for making things happen quick. Wireless internet access is equipped in each of our vehicles with a computer, so we can respond quickly to requests for estimates, often visiting the site and providing an estimate the same day.

We’re Accountable

In the event of a service call, a report gets logged into our system and e-mailed immediately to the appropriate field technician in the area. Whoever is in the region inspects and resolves the issue as quickly as possible and files a resolution report electronically. If you have a problem, we hold ourselves accountable and will fix it with as little headache and effort on your part as possible.

We’re Green

In addition to using the most environmentally-friendly materials and process available today, IRC is proud to have a LEED Accredited Professional on staff to assist you with your environmentally-friendly roof.


The bottom line is this: IRC is an extremely dependable, customer service oriented contractor. Everything we do is geared towards making your experience smoother and more pleasurable.

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