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Extend Your Roof Life Through Inspections


The importance of regular roof inspections cannot be overstated. These roof inspections allow you to detect minor problems on your roof before they become major. This early detection of problems can save you thousands of dollars, weeks worth of time, and greatly extend the life and improve the performance of your roof.
Once you accept and embrace the importance of regular roof inspections, you have a choice to make, who will perform the inspections?

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A quality roof inspector can detect problems and improve your roof proactively.

Who Will Perform Your Inspection?

Now that you know you need to focus on inspecting your roof, it’s time to decide who will focus on inspecting your roof. Should you perform the inspections yourself, you can save a little money by not paying a contractor to come out to your building twice a year. The problem is mainly just the time required and the risk that you may miss something a contractor would recognize.

Inspect Your Roof Yourself

You can do it yourself, with our tips for good inspection processes found here and here. Regularly inspecting your roof is an important key to success, but they are not all that difficult. Following the laid out in the links above will allow you to perform an effective inspection in a small amount of time, all while saving money and preventing future problems.

Hire a Contractor to Perform the Inspections

If you decide to use a contractor for your roof inspections, the job is even easier, and boils down to finding a good contractor to do the work. After that, you just need to stay in periodic contact with your contractor to make sure they are scheduling inspections at the correct time and that everything on your roof is good to go.

The main disadvantage with hiring a contractor to perform your inspections is the cost. However, many building owners believe this cost is outweighed by the convenience, expertise, and know-how that a contractor provides.


Whether you are inspecting your roof yourself or hiring a contractor to do them, it is really just important that you do them. Who executes the inspection is of little consequence, as long as it is executed.

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