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Improving Spray Foam Through Recoats


Usually, every 12-15 years after installation, spray foam roofs need to be recoated. This method of improving spray foam helps it to perform better and last longer. This may sound like a lot of work, but if you do not want to go through the trouble of having to replace the entire roof, recoats are a great option. The coating acts as a barrier against all of natures destructive ways, protecting the foam underneath. If the foam is exposed it will deteriorate very rapidly and then will need replacing, which can be pretty costly. But, if the foam stays protected, there is virtually no limit to how long it can last, so recoats are a great way to improve the life and performance of your spray foam roof. All that is required to keep it protected is an easy recoat. Which is fast, inexpensive, and is a great option for improving spray foam roofs.

improving spray foam roofs
Roofs with seams leak often, but a foam roof that is properly maintained will rarely leak.

Improving Spray Foam Performance

One benefit to recoating is how affective it makes the foam against leaks. Some roofing systems are actually prone to leaks, and constantly need to be patched up or completely redone. Why go through the headache of having a new roof put on that won’t be waterproof when you could have a silicone coating installed that will protect against ponding water and last up to 20 years? We don’t know either.

Extend Your Roof’s Life

Another great benefit of recoating is the life extension your roof receives. Not only do you get an essentially brand new roof, but it also comes with a brand new warranty that lasts up to 20 years! Our warranty isn’t just copy and paste: we create each warranty specific for your roof. Out of warranty roofs are much more costly to your company if you need to make repairs, so recoating your roof gives you an all new warranty and saves you money.

Significant Energy Savings

A great benefit to recoating an old roof is the energy savings that come with it. Instead of the roof absorbing the heat on hot summer days, recoating will make your roof reflective keeping the building at a cooler temperature, allowing the occupants to stay more comfortable. White silicone coating is highly reflective and can reflect up to 87% of the UV rays. A reflective roof is energy efficient, which means you could save 15%-25% on your energy expenses annually.  Not only does recoating with our silicone give you a more energy efficient building, but installing a silicone coating may make you eligible for rebates or credits in some states. By putting a reflective coating on top of your roof, you can actually earn money, making this an easy choice as to why you should recoat your roof before major repairs need to happen.


As you can see above, recoating your spray foam roof provides several key benefits, not all of which are described above. Ensuring you recoat your roof on schedule is the best way to ensure you get the full value out of your spray foam roof, specifically, extremely low life-cycle costs.

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