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Spring Walkthrough Focus Items


The harsh winter months can really wear down your building. Additional weight of snow on your roof; salt and snow being tracked into your building; warm days and freezing nights; there are many forces throughout winter that can seriously damage your building. Because winter is such a harsh period and can have some adverse effects on your building, it’s a very good idea to perform a full walkthrough as soon as spring hits to get ready for summer. Let’s look at some of the things you should focus on when winter ends and spring hits.

Heating and Cooling Equipment

Winter can be brutal on your heating equipment. It worked hard for the last 3+ months, and it isn’t very rare to have a heating unit that needs a tune-up after winter ends. On the flip side, it’s almost time to crank up your AC and cool your building down. Before you need your AC, you should have it inspected and serviced by a professional to make sure it’s ready to go for those hot summer months.

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Pothole with gravel on damaged urban asphalt road

Salt and Snow

All throughout winter, your parking lot is bombarded with snow and salt, both of which can have deteriorating effects on your parking lot. In addition, if your lot is cleared with a snow plow, that presents new opportunities for damage. The parking lot and sidewalk outside your building should be thoroughly examined to ensure it stays in good shape for the next year. Any minor problems can be caught sooner rather than later, and fixed before they balloon into other problems.

The entryways and carpets in your building can also be damaged by snow and, more significantly, salt being tracked into the building. A deep cleaning is usually appropriate when winter ends.

Check Your Roof

After winter, you should also always inspect your roof. It can be damaged in the winter due to the additional weight of the snow, the constant presence of water when the snow melts, or the expanding and contracting of the roof due to temperature changes. You haven’t be able to inspect your roof all winter. When the weather breaks, it’s a good idea to climb up and check things out once winter ends.


Winter can be a very harsh season with regard to your roof, building, and property. It’s important to be aware of the damages winter can cause. Ensure public safety by inspecting and reviewing all different aspects of your building that could have been damaged.

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