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Perform Regular Roof Inspections


There are many roofing problems that can be prevented via early detection and preventative action. Diseases can be cured if they’re caught early, and most roofing problems are not serious if you detect them early.

commercial regular roof inspections
You can guarantee that if this small problem wasn’t detected and fixed, it would grow into a larger problem.

Early Detection is Key

By inspecting your roof twice a year and noting any issues on your roof sketch, you can prevent these minor problems from growing into major ones. If you have a small leak on your roof, you can easily fix it when you first find it because it is still small! However, if you see a small leak and think, “Eh, it’s small. It can wait.” Then the problem will grow and grow as water flows through it, the roof expands and contracts around it, and people walk around it. A once small and manageable problem is now pretty significant and will take more time and effort to fix.

Bi-Annual Inspections

By inspecting your roof twice per year, you ensure that you will detect problems earlier rather than later. Sure, you might miss some of the small problems in one inspection, but you still have a chance to notice them the next time you’re on your roof.

Detection is Only Step One

Catching these problems when they are small will save you time, money, and effort but only if you repair them immediately or soon after finding them. If you detect an issue on your roof and then ignore it for 2 years because it was minor, it may balloon into a very big problem. Once that happens, you aren’t saving any time or money; you’re just finding problems to stress over without doing anything to fix it.


Don’t waste your time inspecting your roof if you’re not going to do anything about it. Inspect your roof twice a year, and then fix any problems you find! You’ll thank yourself in 10 years when you haven’t had any serious roof problems.

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