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Spray Foam Flat Roofs


In the world of roofing, there are roofing systems available at any price point you can find. If you’re looking for the most affordable option, a roof restoration coating is probably your best bet. If you’re looking for the Cadillac, spray foam flat roofs may be more appealing to you. The material for a spray foam roof is often more expensive than other roofing systems, but it is a system that will quickly pay for itself through energy savings, low maintenance costs, and a long¬†life cycle. Let’s dive right in to the advantages of spray foam flat roofs.

foam flat roofs
Spray foam roofs can be installed directly over top of most surfaces, and they can easily conform to a variety of shapes.

Advantages of Foam Flat Roofs

The first major advantage of foam flat roofs is found at installation. The roof can be installed directly over top of your existing roof, meaning you don’t have to tear off your roof and expose your building to the elements. This saves time and money. Spray foam can also be installed very quickly, more quickly than other roofing systems in most cases.

Another advantage is the savings you will realize from foam flat roofs. Energy savings are the main source, as foam flat roofs possess the highest R-value of any roofing product. You will also see savings as you make fewer repairs to your roof. Finally, it’s long life cycle will save you money. Foam flat roofs can be expected to last 20 years with no hiccups, and after that 20 years if a new protective coating is applied, the roof will last another 20 years. You can continue recoating and extend the life of the building.

Disadvantages of Foam

As we stated in the introduction, spray foam flat roofs are expensive when you look at the cost of the material. The up-front investment can be quite large and can be burdensome for some building owners on a tight budget. It is hard to view the roof as an investment – even though that’s what it is – so many people get caught up on the initial cost.


Spray foam flat roofs provide significant advantages to building owners with minimal drawbacks. This is a great roofing system in many different situations (although not all) that we are very proud of and stand behind. Give us a call if you’d like to learn more about spray foam flat roofs for your buildings.

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