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How Long Will You Stay in Your Building?


So you’re looking to put a new roof on your building, and it’s time to choose your new roofing materials. We’ve already looked at some other factors that can influence your choice of roofing material, such as the cost of potential materials and the expected life of the building, and now we will look at another factor that should be taken into consideration with your decision: how long you plan to stay inside your building.

Most Companies Move Buildings at Least Once

As we wrote about previously, if your building is already in pretty bad shape and will need a major rehab project soon, then it’s not smart to put the most expensive, longest lasting roof system on your building. However, just because your building is in good shape doesn’t mean you’ll be occupying it long enough to see the benefits of a new roof.

stay in your building
The location of your building can be a major determinant of your success while there, as well as how quickly you can sell it.

Location is Key

Many times, a building is in great shape and a company simply decides that they’d rather have a different location. Location is paramount to almost any business, so even if you own the building outright, you may still want to sell it and move to a new location that you prefer. In this case, you probably don’t want to put the most expensive roofing materials available on your roof as you may not recoup all of that cost in the sale of the building. Most buyers want a good roof, but they don’t want to pay extra for it.

Outgrowing Your Home

It is also very common for a company to grow and experience a change of company size and need. In these situations, you have to move to a new building to get one that can meet your needs and has room for all of your employees, equipment, and inventory. Again, putting expensive roofing materials on your building just before a move is an investment that may not pay off.


Even if your building is in great shape and could last another 100 years, will you and your company be there that long? If no, you’ll want to take that into consideration when planning your new roofing project. You may still want to install a top of the line roof and recoup your costs at the sale, but you may also want to avoid that to ensure you don’t lost money.

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