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Benefits of a Contractor Relationship


Building owners and facility managers often see hiring contractors, especially roofing contractors, as a burden that they must do to get work done on their building, rather than a way to improve the efficiency of their projects. We believe that a good roofing contractor can actually save you time, money, and headaches by working closely with you. That is why we believe when you find a good contractor, especially a roofing contractor, it’s generally a good idea to work very closely with them and to keep them involved. Make them a partner (metaphorically, they won’t be a partner on payroll) in your business and keep them involved. Partnering closely with your roofing contractor provides the following advantages over treating them like an adversary who you must work with:

They Know Your Roof Very Well

When you keep your roofing contractor in the loop and work more closely with them than other building owners, they get to see your roof more often, understand exactly what you’re looking for, and can help you solve your problems more quickly, efficiently, and in a way that benefits you.

Make roof repairs.
Problems like this can be ignored for a while, but they’ll grow into major problems that can’t be ignored.

They Can Catch Things Early

A contractor who only gets on your roof when it leaks won’t be able to detect problems in advance. However, a contractor who is on your roof every 6 months fulfilling a service agreement will develop a much more intimate understanding of your building and can therefore detect issues much sooner, preventing them from becoming major problems.

You Build a Mutual Trust

The more you work with your contractor, the more trust develops. The more you develop trust, the more willing you are to work with each other and trust each other in the future. It’s a virtuous cycle that can very quickly build a strong relationship between you and your roofing contractor.

You Can Usually Get Faster Service

Businesses honor the requests of their long-time, valued customers before those of new customers, that is a fact of life in nearly every situation. So, the better relationship you develop, the more you can expect timely, cost-effective, honest service.


By making your roofing contractor a partner in your business, and keeping them close to the organization, you can gain several advantages over people who believe contractors are their adversaries in business. Don’t fear your contractor, lean on them and count on them to provide you with good service.

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