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The Roofing Material with the Best Installation Process


When considering a new roof for your building, installation should be a major factor in your decision. The ease of installation of your new roof will greatly impact whether you have a great roofing experience, or a bad one. Of course, there are many other factors. But how the installation process will go should not be overlooked. There are a few factors to consider when examining the installation process for your new roof options. They are: speed, cost, exposure, and waste. There are several other factors that you could include, but these factors are absolutely crucial when evaluating your various roofing choices. Let’s dive in to each one.

new roof installation process
How long will it take to install your new roof?

New Roof Installation Process Duration

Have you ever been in a line to get your vehicle registration renewed, waiting on a roller coaster, or to get in to an event? A question we often ask in these situations is “How long is this going to take?” We must ask this same question when considering new roofing options. How long will it take to install the roof? A roof that provides great protection for your building but takes twice as long as another system to install may not be a good option for your building. Choosing a system such as spray foam or a restoration coating that can be quickly and efficiently installed will speed up your installation process and make it much easier on you.

What Will Your New Roof Cost?

For very obvious reasons, the cost of your new roof installation must also be considered before picking a roof system. The overall cost of the product is key, but it’s also important to analyze how much you’re paying for installation. Many roof systems require large crews, specialized tools, and a lot of time. This all adds up to you paying a high price for the installation of your roof, rather than the quality of materials. With spray foam, you pay a lower installation cost thanks to small crews and quick installation. The majority of what you pay for a spray foam roof goes towards the quality of the foam, not the installation of it.

Exposure During New Roof Installation

While installing your new roof system, can you afford to have your building exposed to the elements, even for a short amount of time? Most roofing systems require tear-off of the old roof prior to installing the new roof. This process leads to your building being exposed to the elements. Even if it is just for a short time, many building owners cannot risk exposing their building. They have sensitive equipment, documents, or facilities that need to be protected at all times. If this is the case with your building, we recommend choosing a system that doesn’t require tear-off, such as spray foam. When we install spray foam, we install it directly to the existing roof with no need for tear-off. Sometimes the building owner elects to tear-off the old roof, but in most cases it is not required. This direct application keeps the inside of your building protected from the elements throughout the entire installation process.

Eliminating Waste During Your New Roof Installation

Eliminating waste goes hand in hand with exposure, so we won’t expand on it too much. When you have to tear off your old roof, that old material goes to a landfill. This waste fills up landfills very rapidly and is bad for the environment. Installing a spray foam roof or restoration coating eliminates tear-off, and therefore eliminates that waste. This saves you money and time while helping the environment.


Installing a new roof on your building can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Evaluate your roof system choices based on the criteria above, and the choice should become very clear. Each roofing system offers different benefits that appeal to different situations, so your choice in each situation will be different. However, having a good template to base your choice off of will help guide you.

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