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No Tear-Off Saves You Money


On top of improved insulation capabilities, fast installation, and low maintenance costs, spray foam roofs save you money in another way: no tear-off of the existing roof at installation. Depending on the situation and existing substrate, spray foam can many-times be applied directly to the existing roof with only a quick cleaning and no need for tear-off. This is a significant time and money saver, but how exactly does it save you money?

Avoid roof tear-off to save money
The time and money involved with roof removal is significant.

No Tear-Off Means Decreased Labor

Probably the most obvious way in which decreasing or eliminating tear-off saves you money is the decreased labor required. Removing an old roofing system takes a lot of labor and can often require a large crew on the roof working to get the old materials removed. Paying the labor to have an old system removed isn’t exactly a value-added cost, so it’s a good thing to avoid.

Fewer Tools

The overhead of hauling a truckload of tools, replacing broken tools, and tasks that can only be completed with specialized tools drives up the cost of jobs where tear-off is expected. This is nothing compared to the labor costs, but another benefit of decreasing labor.

Waste Removal

When you tear-off your old roof system, you have to haul the materials to a dumpster and do something with the waste. Dumpsters and general waste removal become quite expensive, especially if you are in a hurry and need a lot of dumpsters on hand, the costs continue to climb.

Unforeseen Issues

There are also many issues that you simply cannot predict that can come up during tear-off. If you start tearing off the old roof and something gets damaged, that’s an additional cost that you weren’t expecting.


Eliminating the tear-off of your roof is a great way to save money on your new roof installation. The best system that doesn’t require tear-off is spray foam. Give us a call to learn more or get a quote on your own roof!

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