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IRC & School Roofs

When you have students to think about, you can’t afford to put off necessary repairs to your school facility. A musty, mildew smell certainly doesn’t make for a great learning environment. No matter the extent of damage, IRC is here to help you make roof repairs that keep your students and faculty safe throughout the year.

How Insulated Roofing Contractors can help your school

It is crucial to address your school’s roof damage as soon as possible. Small school roof repairs can help keep your roof in working condition, but over time, patching leak after leak can start to add up. If you think it’s time to replace your roof, then our team at IRC can help.

For over 40 years, IRC has been a trusted name in spray foam roofing. Not only do we provide excellent service every time, but we also are dedicated to finding the best roofing solution for your building. More often than not, the answer is spray foam. We truly believe it’s an amazing roofing system that can help building managers sleep better at night.

Benefits of an SPF roof

While the high initial price of spray polyurethane foam might dissuade you from this superior roofing material, the benefits of an SPF roof make it well worth the cost. Here are the top advantages to investing in a spray foam roofing system:

  1. Versatility: Spray foam can be installed in almost any situation over almost any roof.
  2. Energy-efficient: Spray foam acts as insulation for your building, helping to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The energy savings alone can pay for your roof in a matter of years.
  3. High-performance: This durable material is designed to stand up against all kinds of severe weather. No other roof system can resist wind uplift or ponding water like spray foam can.
  4. Simple installation: No matter how complex your roof is, spray foam is still easy to install. Because spray foam is self-adhering, it can be applied directly to most existing substrates, which eliminates the cost of tear-off, reduces waste, and limits interior exposure and downtime.
  5. Easy to maintain: Spray foam doesn’t require a lot of repairs to keep your roof in great working order, as there are not many things that can damage it. When repairs are needed, however, they are extremely easy to make.
  6. Long-lasting: Only routine maintenance is needed to keep your roof in prime condition for 15-20 years. At that time, only the protective coating needs to be replaced to keep your roof for another 15-20 years.

Building back after a tornado

In March of 2012, a tornado wreaked havoc on the citizens of Henryville, IN. Among the buildings to sustain a large amount of damage from the 170-mile winds were Henryville’s Elementary and Junior and Senior High schools

The shared campus sustained damage to the roofing, brick, structural steel, drywall, windows, and doors. The facilities would have to undergo a major renovation to be able to bring back its 1200 students. The administration wanted to ensure that students could go back to school safely in the fall, which meant the entire renovation project had to be completed in four months. 

Before any of the interior repairs could be made, the roof of both buildings had to be replaced. The school district was set on putting in a weather-proof system that would last the schools for years to come, and it was decided that spray polyethylene foam was the best way to go. IRC was up for the challenge.

With such a large-scale project and a tight deadline, IRC had to work diligently to complete the job. We brought in extra help and had crews working day and night shifts to tear out the old roofing systems and install the new spray foam. IRC was finished with time to spare, allowing the rest of the contractors to renovate the interior of the school buildings ahead of schedule.

Now is the perfect time to renovate

You shouldn’t have to put off fixing your leaky roof just because your school district doesn’t have the funds to allocate for building repairs. Damaged roofs are not only a hazard to students and faculty, but they could also be wasting money with higher than normal energy bills.

With the American Rescue Plan Act, though, now is the perfect time to revisit those repairs. This act provides nearly $125 billion in financial resources to support K-12 schools in making improvements to ensure that students return to the classroom with adequate resources and in safe conditions. 

The Act specifies that at least 20% of the funds must be used to address learning gaps resulting from the pandemic, but the remainder of the money can be used in other ways. Now your district can address neglected facilities and make repairs that better the learning environment for students.

IRC has your back when you need to repair your school’s roof. Our perfected techniques and high-quality materials can help give you a roof that lasts for decades to come. If you’re not sure of the extent of damage your roof has sustained, however, we can help with that, too. Our advanced roof scan technology can give you peace of mind by letting you see what’s below the surface. 

See if you qualify for a free infrared roof scan today.

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