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How To Avoid Roofing Seams with Spray-On Roofing

In almost any roofing system used today, the seams are the biggest cause of concern for building owners. They expand and contract, they separate and pull apart, and they become an area that allows the roof to leak. The seams are the first part of the roof to go, and they usually don’t weather too well and become damaged, weak, and then fail. If seams are such a troublesome part of most roofs, why are we still using systems that incorporate seams? What if there were seamless roofing systems that encapsulated all those problem areas?

Why Should You Avoid Seamless Roofing Systems?

The main reason people are still using roofs that have seams in them is because it is most readily available on the market. They also use roofing systems with seams because they understand the process, new systems sometimes scare away building owners because they need some education for a seamless roofing system.  If you want a seamless roofing system, you will often pay more in material because it isn’t made in a factory, it’s applied directly to the roof. This increase in material price for a seamless roofing system can scare building owners away, even though it means more savings and better roof performance in the future. Systems with roof seams can be made in mass quantities because they aren’t customized to each individual roof. This keeps cost down but doesn’t allow for the perfect fit that a seamless roofing system can provide. The cheaper price tag has additional costs later in the roof life when the seams inevitably fail.

Alternatives to Roof Seams

If you want a seamless roof on your building, you have to apply the roofing system directly to your roof deck. You can’t take a system that is made in a factory, designed to fit every roof, and expect it to be a perfect fit for your roof.

The two directly applied roofing systems you can choose from are sprayed polyurethane foam and an array of restoration coatings. These systems are typically spray-applied (coatings can be rolled on) directly to the existing roof surface. This allows the roof to be completely customizable to each building it is installed on. This customizable roof system allows for a seamless, monolithic membrane that protects the building from the elements, improves insulation, and eliminates most problems associated with expansion and contraction of the roof.

Are you interested in eliminating the seams from your roofing system? Do you like the thought of a roofing system completely customized to fit your building? Give us a call and we’ll answer any questions you may have with regards to foam roofing systems or restoration coatings.

After seamless roofing system applied

Before seamless roofing system

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