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SPF: the Jack-of-All-Trades

Spray Polyurethane Foam is the greatest roofing material on the planet. We believe that wholeheartedly. Nothing compares to its average lifespan, immediate energy cost impact, and repair savings. However, as amazing as Spray Polyurethane Foam is, when you say it, most people probably won’t remember it after the conversation is finished. They might remember SPF and just assume we put sunscreen all over the roof, which is not the case. 

In light of this, we decided to show you a few polyurethane foam products to help communicate its many purposes. 

Yeti Coolers

Whether or not you own one, you’ve probably heard of Yeti coolers. Perhaps the most well-known, high-quality option in the cooler business, Yeti has made a name for itself with its top-of-the-line materials that work as advertised. If you’ve ever used a Yeti cooler, you know that somehow they magically keep your drinks at almost the same temperature no matter the weather. So how do they accomplish this? You guessed it: Polyurethane Foam. The outside of the cooler is made of a polyethylene shell, but the real game-changer is the insulation. This insulation is achieved by injecting the cooler with Polyurethane Foam. The foam can keep ice cooler for longer through thermal conduction, leaving you with one powerful cooler.


When you go furniture shopping, you often sit on every couch or chair just to test it out. Chances are you’re sitting on a cushion made with open cell Polyurethane Foam. The foam can be made flexible, allowing it to be cut in various shapes, making it perfect for furniture cushions, cushions in your automobile seats, and mattress padding. So you can thank Polyurethane Foam for your memory foam bed!

Tennis Rackets

Are you a big Serena Willimas or Roger Federer fan? Chances are they’ve used a tennis racket with a Polyurethane Foam grip. Due to its high flexibility, the material is perfect for wrapping around the racket’s handle without leaving gaps. 


If you ever go to the grocery, amusements park, skate park, or even worked in a warehouse, you may have enjoyed using Polyurethane wheels. The wheels are abrasion-resistant, making them perfect for high-wear products like grocery carts, rollercoasters, and skateboards. Also, without the need for air, these tires will never go flat!


Many woodworkers prefer Polyurethane as an adhesive over woodworking glue. This preference is based on Polyurethane’s water resistance. If you’d like to try it for yourself, all you have to do is go to the store and buy a bottle of Gorilla Glue.

Other Uses

  • Building materials
  • Water vessel sealant
  • Watch bands
  • Textiles
  • Automotive parts
  • Electronic parts
  • Body Armor

One important clarification to make is that there is a difference between open cell and closed cell Polyurethane Foam. Open cell is much lighter and more flexible than closed-cell foam. Open cell is what’s used for furniture cushions, tennis racket handles, and many more comfort-driven products. Closed-cell polyurethane foam is what IRC uses to protect your roof. 

As you can see, SPF is a material worth remembering. Here at IRC, we use closed-cell SPF to cover your entire roof without the need to tear off your old roof system. Due to its lack of fasteners and seams, leaks and repairs of an SPF roof are extremely rare. SPF is fluid-applied at a thickness of 1 – 2 inches (more if improved drainage or insulation is required). As the foam cures, it expands to approximately 20 times its original mass! Within minutes, it becomes a very rigid and durable insulating layer. An elastomeric coating layer is then applied over the SPF to provide further protection from the elements. Once the project is complete, building owners will realize the immediate benefits of the system. It provides the highest R-value of any roofing material on the market, meaning it is the best insulator and will save you money on your energy bills. In addition, SPF roofs provide superior wind uplift resistance, making them an excellent choice in areas commonly exposed to high winds or tornadoes. SPF roofs are also highly resistant to severe weather, as their tough and rigid surface is not easily penetrated.

So whether it’s your cooler, wheels, bed, or tennis racket, Polyurethane Foam is working to keep you comfortable and protected. It’s time to add your roof to that list.

So don’t wait! Contact us today to learn how SPF can improve your roof!

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