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2022 Annual Pancake Breakfast

This month IRC celebrated our team with our annual Pancake Breakfast. Though the weather brought a heavy morning fog and a few raindrops on occasion, it was a beautiful morning to celebrate our team’s hard work. However, we may be biased because any day where our whole crew is together is a beautiful day in our book!

This is always an amazing opportunity each year to take a moment and pause to consider all the work we’ve recently accomplished. Our crews don’t mind the 6:30 AM start because it gives them the chance to connect with friends that they don’t often see. Although, we’re sure the promise of pancakes, bacon, and doughnuts is a good motivator as well.

Once everyone wraps up eating breakfast, they all grab their gear and start loading the trucks. Many of them are coming from all over the country so the breakfast is just the start of a long day. It’s a marvelous sight to see the trucks begin to depart as they go to fulfill IRC’s mission: to provide clients with a high-quality roof system, with superior customer service that reflects honesty and integrity, earning us the respect of our employees, customers, and industry.

If you’re interested in joining the IRC team, just check out our careers page!

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