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Extending Roof Life Through Maintenance


A roof is a very expensive part of your building, often the most expensive component. So why do so many people install a new roof and then ignore it for 18 years, then wonder what went wrong? A roof is a major investment that ties up a lot of your capital. Don’t waste the money you spent on your roof by letting it fail early, leak often, or require major repairs. Simply taking care of your roof and performing regular, minor roof maintenance can greatly improve the useful life of your roof.

Utilize a Roof Maintenance Agreement

For many building owners, their roof gets neglected because they aren’t quite sure how to maintain it themselves. If you find yourself in this position, or if you’d just like some additional help, then consider a roof maintenance agreement through IRC. We will inspect your roof up to twice a year, make repairs under a specified scope, and alert you of any larger issues we find. We do all the heavy lifting and you get serious peace of mind. This is a fantastic way to extend the life of your roof.

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Inspect your roof regularly to extend its useful life.

Perform Regular Roof Inspections

We talk about roof inspections all the time on this blog, but that’s because they’re really important! A roof inspection gives you an idea of where your roof is at in the aging process, helps you detect and eliminate problems early, and helps to prevent leaks. With all those benefits, why doesn’t everyone perform regular roof inspections Well, they aren’t a ton of fun or extremely easy. They can require a lot of time on large roofs. They can also require you to make some repairs from time to time which most people would just rather avoid. However, if you want your roof to last, regular roof inspections are a great way to ensure it does.

Fix Problems When They’re Small

Once you inspect your roof, you can’t forget the next step: making repairs. Just because you know something is wrong with your roof doesn’t mean it won’t become a major problem. Finding minor issues on your roof is only valuable if you follow through and repair those problems. You’ll thank yourself when 10 years go by and you’ve had no major roof repairs or expenses. Sure, you had to make some small repairs along the way, but by doing so you ensured that major problems didn’t creep up.

Protect the Insulation

Another great tip for extending the life of your roof is preventing leaks, and therefore protecting your insulation. If you don’t repair leaks discovered from your roof inspections, your insulation will become wet. Wet insulation doesn’t do much to insulate your building and becomes basically worthless. If you discover wet insulation, you’ll have to tear portions of the roof off to replace the insulation. This leads to more issues with your roof as it is being disturbed unnecessarily. To prevent all this, just fix the leaks you find and keep your insulation dry.


Protecting your roof and extending its life through maintenance is not extremely hard to accomplish. All it takes is a little dedication to the cause and a little bit of elbow grease. If you commit to taking care of your roof, then you’ll be able to make sure it lasts a long time and you get the most for your money. If you have questions about extending roof life or are interested in a roof maintenance agreement, give us a call today.

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