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Common Roofing Problems


The first step to avoiding common roofing problems in your properties is to recognize the roofing problem. You cannot fix, repair, or avoid roofing problems that you don’t know exist. In order to recognize these problems, it helps to know what the most common roofing problems are. By learning and understanding what the most common roofing problems are, you can better focus your inspections, and look out for issues.
The following common roofing problems are in no particular order. All of these items are common and important to avoid.


Roof leaks are a very common, and very menacing problem for most building owners. They can develop from seemingly nowhere, and then before long, a tiny leak turns into a major leak that requires serious attention, time, and money. Avoid leaks by performing regular, thorough roof inspections, and by making repairs to problems that you detect immediately.

Common roofing problems
This foam wasn’t properly coated, and is now in need of repair.


Another common roofing problem is repairs required on the roof. Repairs can be a problem because they take time and money, which no one wants to devote to non-revenue generating issues. They can also be a problem if they aren’t performed correctly, which can lead to more, bigger problems, and cost more money. Repairs shouldn’t be avoided when necessary, but they should be prevented when possible.


When wind blows over the top of a roof, it can often damage the roof by peeling up sheets of metal or membrane. Wind can damage gutters when blowing hard. On top of the wind itself, wind can also blow over trees, debris, and other objects onto the roof that can cause major damage.


While hail is a rare occurrence in most parts of the world, it can be very damaging when it does occur. Hail obviously presents a serious risk to roofs thanks to its size and mass, and that is why it is included in this list. It may not be as common as some other items, but the severe damage it can cause is what puts it on this list.

Energy Loss

Another major roofing problem that occurs all the time is a roof that isn’t energy efficient. A roof that has poor insulation can lead to you spending extra money heating and cooling your building. A non-reflective roof can also cost you energy-wise. An energy efficient roof can save you money and help the environment, while a non-efficient roof can cost you money every single day.

Foot Traffic

Finally, excessive foot traffic can become a major problem for your roof. Most systems aren’t designed to be walked on very much. If you have employees on your roof on a regular basis without walk pads, you can cause excessive wear and tear on your roof that can lead to early failure.


The first step is to know that these are common roofing problems. Determine that you will make an effort to detect them and you can save yourself and your company serious money. You can eliminate lots of headache by solving these problems before they become serious.

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