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Will a Roof Coating Work for You?


Roof coatings aren’t a good fit in every situation or on every roof. Silicone, acrylic, urethane, or other types of roof coatings all have weaknesses and vulnerabilities that rule them out of contention on some roofs. However, roof coatings also have some great benefits, including avoiding roof replacement. However, there are some situations where a roof coating isn’t the right choice. New construction, for one, is never a good fit for a roof coating. They can be installed just fine, but they don’t accomplish much since the roof is brand new and working well. So, what are some of the better situations for roof coatings and is your building a candidate?

roof coating
Roof replacements can get nasty and take a lot of time and money. A silicone coating is a great alternative!

Avoiding Roof Replacement With a Roof Coating

If you think you are going to have to replace your roof, a roof coating may actually be a better choice. You can avoid roof replacement by installing a silicone roof coating over top of your structurally sound roof system. This is a perfect situation for a roof coating. The roof is still safe and functioning well overall, but is starting to leak or is getting to hot. Rather than replace your roof, installing a reflective, leak-free roof coating will save you time, money, and headache.

Renewing Your Warranty

Another great scenario for roof coatings is a building owner who is seeking a renewed warranty. Perhaps your roof is operating just fine, but it’s warranty recently expired. You don’t want to operate warranty-free for the next 10-20 years that your roof will last, so you need an affordable solution. Well, you know your roof is a candidate since it’s in good structural condition. Next, you just have to look at the cost of a roof coating and if it fits in your budget. A roof coating often costs less than half of a standard replacement, so it is extremely affordable. By installing a roof coating on your roof, you can get a five to twenty to even fifty year warranty. Roof coatings are a very affordable solution for your out of warranty roof.


Roof coatings are a great roofing solution, but it’s important to know if a roof coating will work in your specific situation. Avoiding replacement or renewing your warranty are great applications. New construction, not so much. Call us today for more info on a roof coating for your building.

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