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Repairing Spray Foam


When was the last time you were up on your roof making repairs, or hired a contractor do make repairs on your roof for you? Generally, this is not a pleasant experience unless you are a roofing contractor who enjoys repairing roofs. For our customers who aren’t roofers themselves, we know that you don’t exactly enjoy climbing a ladder up onto your roof and repairing it, and you definitely don’t enjoy cutting a check to a contractor to fix your roof. We’ve got great news for you: repairing spray foam is a rare occurrence, and when it does occur, it’s easy to repair.

You Don’t Often Hear of Someone Repairing Spray Foam

Once installed, very few things can damage a spray foam roof that would lead to repairs being made. A major benefit of spray foam is how rarely it requires repairs or maintenance. Repairing spray foam is simply something that is not a very common thing. Spray foam is a seamless, monolithic roof system that requires no fasteners, so not much can go wrong with the roof. Such a simple roof system with so few components naturally sees fewer problems arise, which means you spend less time and money repairing spray foam than you would on other roof systems.

repairing spray foam
When required, repairing a spray foam roof is an extremely simple task.

Easy Repairs When Repairs Are Needed

In those rare situations where you do find yourself repairing spray foam, there is yet more good news for you as a building owner. Spray foam repairs are among the easiest repairs in the roofing industry. Most problems with foam involve a tool being dropped or something similar that takes a chunk out of the foam. This is still not a problem since the foam itself is waterproof, but it’s best to fill in these chunks to ensure UV rays don’t damage that spot of foam. When you have to make this repair, you can simply take a utility knife to cut the chunk out and then fill that hole in with caulking. Drop some granules over the coating and the foam is good as new, no problem. What an easy repair!


It is rare to find yourself repairing spray foam, the system is very foolproof. However, when you do make a repair, the repairs are generally very easy, inexpensive, and fast. What a great roofing system! Call us today to learn more.

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