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Roof Maintenance Agreement to Extend Roof Life


Once you’ve installed your roof, it can be easy to “set it and forget it”. That’s a good strategy for crock-pots, but not for roofs. When it comes to a roof, a better strategy is to inspect and maintain it regularly throughout the year. We recommend inspecting your roof at least twice per year, bookending winter. If you perform these inspections and make repairs as necessary, your roof will last a long time. But what if you don’t want to perform the inspections and make repairs yourself?

roof maintenance agreement
Proper roof inspections are the most effective way to extend roof life.

Ensure It’s Done Right

Many people don’t feel comfortable on their roof, and don’t feel that they have the skills to inspect and repair it. If you fall into this category, then a roof maintenance agreement provided by a roofing professional is a great alternative. Sure, we’d like the agreement to come through us, but even if not, we recommend that someone is on your roof regularly, whether it’s you, us, or another company. Without proper skills and knowledge, then a roof inspection is really a waste of time. If you can’t correctly identify and fix problems, what’s the point? Utilizing a professional ensures it’s done right.

Extend Your Roof Life

Studies have shown that a properly maintained roof can last up to twice as long as one that isn’t. We’re talking two very similar roofs in very similar climates and weather areas, and one simply outperforms the other in terms of longevity. Don’t miss out on extra years of roof life! Maintain your roof yourself or have it maintained professionally and you’ll thank yourself in 20 years when you have a great roof.


Getting 20+ years out of your roof without any major hiccups is entirely possible if you commit to proper maintenance. You can commit to maintenance either by yourself or by a professional, but your roof needs to be maintained. A professional will help you identify problems you might miss, and can repair your roof much faster thanks to their experience.


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