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A Roof You Can Fix Yourself


Simply put: Making roof repairs on a foam roof is easier than on other roof systems. Once you have a spray foam roof installed on your building, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to fix on those rare occasions something does go wrong. Most of the time, fixing your spray foam roof doesn’t even require calling a professional – you can get up on the roof and fix it yourself!
Let’s look at a basic repair on a foam roof. This roof was damaged and could have exposed the foam to the elements, which causes it to get wet and become less effective. All that was required was a little bit of caulk, and some loose granules to cover the repair.

A roof you can fix yourself. IMG_4659 IMG_4667 IMG_4675 IMG_4683A Roof You Can Fix Yourself and Avoid Headaches


On a typical roof, repairs can be a major headache. Whether you call a contractor to fix the problem or climb up a ladder and try to fix the roof yourself, it’s a headache. Contractors can be very expensive when it comes to making repairs (after all, they did have to send an entire crew to your building, set up their safety equipment, diagnose the problem, then fix it), and doing it yourself is often not worth the money you save. If only there were an easier way to repair your roof.

Spray Foam Repairs


Well, there is! The best way to ensure you have easy (not to mention infrequent) roof repairs is to install a spray foam roof on your building. By electing to have spray foam installed, you not only get all the other benefits we’ve posted about (wind uplift resistance, high R-value, saving time and money by avoiding tear-off, and easy installation), but you also receive the very significant benefit of easy repairs. When the foam becomes damaged, 9 times out of 10 the only tools you need to make the repair are a razor knife and a tube of caulk. Cut out the damaged area, fill in with caulk. It’s that easy! This shouldn’t be overlooked; it saves you time, money, headache, and lets you focus on other things in your job.



Don’t get stuck making painful, annoying, and expensive roof repairs for the next 30 years; install a spray foam roof on your building to receive all the benefits of foam, plus the joy of easy, infrequent roof repairs.

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