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No Tear-Off Saves You Time


If you’re like most of us, the answer is no and you want to save time wherever you can. Your new roofing system is no exception: most building owners are ready to get it over with as quickly as possible. Let’s see how installing a spray foam roof – which doesn’t require tear-off – can save you significant amounts of time.

Similar to how spray foam saves you money in many ways eliminating roof tear-off also saves you time in multiple ways. From reducing tear-off to eliminating reworking the roof, there are many ways that no tear-off saves you time.

no tear-off
Tearing off your roof not only costs money, it also takes time.

No Tear-Off Saves Time

This is just a simple fact, the tear-off process takes a lot of time. Your crew has to get up on a roof, and, usually by hand, rip off the old roof system piece by piece. Any insulation or decking that is damaged during this process has to be replaced or repaired, which increases the time this process takes. Eliminating the labor required for standard tear-off projects saves a ton of time.

No Rework

When you tear off the old system, you have to install some sort of deck to install the new system on. You can’t just lay it straight down on the insulation and hope it sticks. This could be any type of decking, but the problem is that it significantly increases the time required to get your new roof installed. Installing a system such as spray foam that doesn’t require this additional decking is a great way to save time.

No Waste Management

Tearing off roof material and hauling it to a dumpster is no easy task. The waste usually needs to be bagged up, carried across the roof and to the dumpster, and then the dumpsters have to be managed. Removing the waste from the roof is a major time-eater so avoiding it is a good thing.


Tearing off your roof costs you time and money. Spray foam eliminates tear-off and therefore saves you time and money. That’s a major benefit of spray foam.

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