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When is the Best Time to Make Roof Improvements?


When you’re looking to make roof improvements, there are a few things to consider. First, the weather needs to be right. Second, you want to do it when the work will get done quickly. Thirdly, you need to consider what will be going on inside and around your building, especially if tear-off is required. Let’s look a little more closely at what you should consider when making roof improvements.

Avoiding the Winter and Snow

Many roofing materials don’t work properly in the cold weather, and snow can obstruct the working surface. On top of the materials not performing optimally, your workers won’t be at their best either. No one really likes to work when temperatures are below freezing, especially up on a windy roof. If you’re considering making roof improvements, you probably will want to avoid doing so in the winter. Just block out the winter months when planning your roof improvements.

Roof improvements
Seeing rain clouds at this stage in your roofing project is worrisome.

Rain Causes Problems

Another hazard for roof improvements is rain. If you’re tearing the roof off, you certainly don’t want to do it in the middle of a rainy season. It can be very difficult to find consecutive days without rain. If you do undertake a project during rainy season, it doesn’t mean the project is impossible, it just means it will probably take longer than a project done in off-peak rain season. When tearing off the roof, the crew will have to cover it every day before the rain comes. This slows them down that day, and adds more work the second day.

The Dog Days Can Slow Things Down

Sometimes the driest months are also the hottest. As you avoid rain, you may also be making things difficult for the roofing crews as it’s getting hotter on the roof. If possible, you should avoid the hottest summer days to keep from utilizing a crew working at less than capacity. When it gets hot, people tend to slow down. If you have to do the project during the hot summer days, just keep water and shade nearby and take regular breaks.

Combine All Three Factors

When considering which days are best for your roof improvement project, finding a balance between all three of the concerns above is your best bet. Find a stretch of days that isn’t too hot, isn’t too cold, and isn’t too wet, and you’re good to go. Finding a happy medium between each of the weather concerns is the most effective to find a good day for your project.

The Main Thing

When it comes to roof improvements, the main thing is getting the project done. As long as no one is in danger (too cold or too hot), then completing the project is all that really matters. You may not find a two-week period without rain and will have to cover the torn off areas at the end of each day. You may discover that you need roof improvements in November. Neither situation is ideal, but if your roof needs to be fixed, make every effort to fix it quickly.

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