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Roofing Around Rain


Of all the weather phenomenon we deal with on a regular basis, rain seems to be the one we have the most trouble with. High heat is subdued through AC. Cold weather can be combated with layers of clothing and a fire. Even snow can easily be plowed out of roadways. But when a hard rain comes through, it still has the power to stop many of our activities. Does rain have to put off your roof project, or can you work around it? If you choose the right roofing material, rain doesn’t have to end your roofing project.

Choosing a Flexible Roofing System

Some roofing systems are very rigid in how they are installed. There is a certain pattern, and if you don’t follow it the roof can be damaged regardless of rain. Spray foam doesn’t work that way though, it’s a flexible roofing system. The weather is unpredictable and can change quickly, and spray foam can adapt. If you planned to tear-off 10,000 square feet of roof and then replace it with foam and coating but notice a rain storm on the way, you can still do a flash covering on the roof to get it covered before the rain gets there. The foam can easily weather a rain storm without any coating, so you can simply come back and coat the foam the next day.

Or, if you know rain is coming and only have a few hours, you can tear off a very small roof section, then cover it with foam and coating. While other roof systems aren’t worth dealing with for such small progress, foam is so easy to tie into that it is still worth the effort for even small roof areas.



roofing around rain
Choosing a roof system that doesn’t require tear-off is a great way to avoid rain-caused issues.

roofing systems don’t provide good options for roofing around rain. Spray foam’s flexibility as a system makes it perfect when rain is possible. The application technique can vary depending on where the rain is, making it a great way to roof around rain.

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