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The Reflectivity of Spray Foam is a Huge Benefit


On top of providing the highest R-value on the market (meaning it’s the best insulator on the market), a spray foam roofing system also provides reflectivity thanks to the protective coating installed over top of the foam. Let’s see what these protective coatings are, and why they are good for your foam and your building.

What are Reflective Coatings?

What is the reflective coating on your roof? It’s a protective coating, commonly silicone or acrylic, that is applied directly to the foam after the foam hardens. This protective coating is designed to keep the foam from absorbing UV rays via reflectivity, which therefore prevents deteriorating. However, the protective coating doesn’t just keep the foam from absorbing the UV rays, it actually reflects the rays back into the atmosphere.
coatings reflectivity
While this coating is going down on a single-ply roof, it shows the process of applying silicone coatings.

The Reflectivity of Coatings Protect Foam

Because the reflectivity of the coating sends the UV rays back into the atmosphere, the coating prevents the foam from absorbing the UV rays. UV rays are basically the only thing that can damage a spray foam roof, so as long as the coating is maintained and is the proper thickness, the foam won’t be harmed.

Keeping Your Roof Cool

Reflective roof coatings can decrease roof surface temperature by up to 100 degrees. This is a real benefit for anyone who accesses the roof on a regular basis. It becomes a lot easier to walk, make repairs, and install new equipment on a roof that is 100 degrees versus 200.
On top of keeping the roof cool for your workers and those up on the roof, a cooler rooftop is also beneficial to the environment around the building. The Urban Heat Island Effect is a problem that deteriorates the ozone and impacts weather patterns near metropolitan areas. A reflective roof coating that keeps your rooftop cool minimizes the urban heat island effect and therefore protects the ozone layer.


Not only does a spray foam insulate the inside of your building better than any other material, but the foam and coating system also keeps the outside cool, which is of great benefit to you, your workers, and the environment around your building.

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