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There are some fantastic roofing contractors out there who do just enough business to keep their company afloat, and that is all they are looking for. They are happy to run a small company that pays the bills, and they don’t need explosive growth. While some of these companies do good work, there are also many small contractors who are small for at least one reason: They don’t do good work. Or they cheat people. Or they don’t keep their promises. The problem with very small contractors is that there isn’t a lot of accountability there.

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Our size and experience are major benefits to you.

Our Reputation is Your Benefit

However, being the largest spray foam roofing contractor in the US isn’t an easy title to claim. We’ve worked hard to build our company and our brand, and we aren’t willing to sacrifice our reputation to make a few bucks on a job. Our reputation is important to us, and because we are so concerned with keeping a good reputation, you get an insurance policy of sorts. You can rest assured that we will do our best to make you as happy as possible, so that you have no reason to go around telling your friends how bad of a job we did. Instead, we want you telling your friends and family how happy you were and how great we did on your roof.


Sometimes you can find a great contractor who is very small and still does great work, but you may also find a small contractor who does terrible work, takes your money and skips town. There is nothing wrong with a small contractor, but there are just too many things that can go wrong for us to be comfortable with that as an option. Our size and reputation both assure you that we do good work, and we’ll make sure you’re happy.

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