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Insulated Roofing Contractors Spraying Foam All Across The Country

Insulated Roofing Contractors (IRC) has been providing superior roofing services to commercial businesses, schools, and even sporting arenas since 1974. For customers looking for a care-free roofing experience from someone they can trust, we have become the go-to contractor in the spray foam industry. As a matter of fact IRC is the largest spray foam roof contractor in the US.

Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF) can be installed quickly, doesn’t require tearing off your old roof system, and provides the best insulation properties of any roof system once installed. On top of all this, because it doesn’t have any fasteners or seams, both leaks and repairs of a SPF roof are extremely rare. Those are just a few of the advantages of SPF, to learn more click here.

Have a big project?

IRC can provide excellent roofing anywhere in the continental US, and has completed some of the largest roofing projects across the nation, with a highly experienced staff including full time safety and architectural directors. IRC is prepared to tackle your most technical and complex project needs. Past projects include roofs for the New Orleans Superdome and 6 million square feet at GEs appliance park facility in Louisville, Ky. In fact, IRC has applied over 145 million square feet of rooftops across the United States. The award winning team at IRC can handle commercial industrial and institutional roofing projects of any size.

Below is a list of some of the larger projects that IRC has worked on in the past:

What our clients have to say:

“IRC has completed roofing projects on over 320,000 square feet of occupied commercial buildings. We did not have a single complaint from a tenant during this work which is a testament to IRC’s professionalism.”

~Vice President, Construction & Facilities, Florida

“Over the past few years, IRC has been a vital member of my contracting team in locations across the U.S. They have proven to me that they are more than just a quality roofing contractor. IRC’s team of roofing professionals has performed initial roof reports as well as re-roof installations. Both of these services are critical to our operation and IRC has performed these services flawlessly.

IRC has completed approximately $1,000,000 of roofing on over 320,000 square feet of occupied commercial buildings. We did not have a single complaint from a tenant during the work, which is a testament to IRC’s professionalism. We are planning on issuing IRC two more contracts with a value of over $1,000,000 for re-roof projects in the near future. We look forward to working with IRC for many years to come.”

~Construction and Facilities VP, Southeast US

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