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Spray Foam’s Biggest Benefit: Recoats


Many roof systems can be recoated with silicone once they have received a coating. The term recoat means exactly what it sounds like: re-applying a silicone coating to a surface that already had one. Not only can you coat and recoat metal, TPO, PVC, and other similar roofs, but you can also recoat foam, which we love to do.

recoats on your roof
Imagine tearing off this entire roof and replacing it. Just recoat it instead!

Improving Foam Through Recoating


Spray foam is a fantastic roofing system, we have written about it’s advantages extensively on this blog. However, those benefits and advantages we’ve covered often pail in comparison to recoats. The mere thought of being able to extend the life of a roof up to 20 years with a tiny layer of silicone over top of it is truly amazing. The cost of a recoat is less expensive than any other roof choice you could make, especially since you rarely have to tear anything out prior to recoating! Once recoated, the foam is more reflective of the sun, safer to walk on (without damaging the foam), and will perform longer than had it not received a recoat.

The Easiest New Roof

Considering you are essentially getting a brand new roof on your building, a recoat is the simplest roof available in the world. All you have to do is powerwash the roof, then install new coating. Seriously, that’s it. Occasionally, you will find that some repairs have to be made before you can recoat. This will slow you down slightly, but luckily spray foam is very easy to repair.


Recoating a spray foam roof saves you time and money when you need a new roof. Don’t tear-off a roof and install a new one; that’s expensive and time consuming! Instead, just recoat your existing foam roof and be done with it in less time, for less money.

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