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Spray Foam Performance – Waterproofing


When it comes to waterproofing, there is simply no better option than a spray foam roof. No other roofing system offers waterproofing properties comparable to spray foam. Thanks to its chemical formulation, its application method, its rigidity once installed, and its protective coating, foam simply doesn’t leak.

Chemical Formulation

Spray foam roofs are formed by mixing two chemicals together, directly on the roof, through a spray gun. These chemicals immediately react with one another, expanding up to 30 times their original size. They then form a tight, closed-cell material that fills every nook and cranny on your roof. It’s the most efficient way to cover your roof.

Application Method

Touched on in the previous paragraph, spray foam is spray-applied. Rather than a roof manufactured in a factory that has to be modified to fit your roof, spray foam is “manufactured” on top of your roof as it’s installed, and it is “manufactured” to be a perfect fit with no gaps or spaces. A perfectly-fitting roof offers significantly better waterproofing capabilities than a factory-made, cookie-cutter roof.


Spray foam is not like a sponge like most people think it is. They’re (and possibly you’re) thinking of open-cell foam, which is significantly softer and more porous, making it poor at waterproofing. However, spray foam roofs are made of closed-cell foam, which is strong enough to support a car on a sheet of foam only two inches thick. This strength means damaging the foam is less likely, and much more effective at waterproofing your roof.

Protective Coating: Additional Waterproofing

Once installed, spray foam roofs must be protected by something. It is usually an acrylic or silicone coating. Some contractors and building owners elect other materials, sometimes even gravel is used, but these are not as effective as coatings. What these coatings are designed to do is protect the foam from the sun, but they also protect it from water and add another line of defense, making foam even more waterproof.


Spray foam is one of the best roofing systems available, and when it comes to foam, it is the best system available, hands down. Contact us today to learn more about how spray foam can help your building.

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