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Saving Your Roof with Spray Foam


Many buildings have roofs that are structurally sound, but are failing in one way or another. Maybe your roof is littered with leaks that you don’t want to invest in to repair. Perhaps excessive foot traffic has torn the roof up and it now needs to be replaced. It could be that your roof has begun to sag and bad cases of ponding water have developed. In any case, if your roof is structurally sound, you can fix all these problems and avoid a complete roof replacement with spray foam.

Littered with Leaks

For any number of reasons, your roof may be littered with leaks. If your roof is constantly developing new leaks and already has a large number, it may not be worth the time or money to repair each leak. Many building owners choose to tear off their roof and replace it in this case. That may not be the best decision, spray foam can renew that roof and allow you to replace it while avoiding roof tear-off.

Saving Your Roof
Is your roof surface damaged like this all over?

Damaged Roof Surface

Say you’ve got a metal roof that has seen so much foot traffic it is has become scuffed and damaged. The roof is leaking, panels may be blowing off, and you’re thinking you’ve got to replace it. Not so fast! This damaged roof may not need to be replaced, just restored with a spray foam roofing system. Make any necessary repairs, and then spray foam directly over top of the existing roof.

Preventing Ponding Water

Has your roof begun to sag and hold ponding water? This can be a problem that compounds on itself if you don’t fix it. Many building owners believe they must replace their roof if it gets too bad, and that may be true in some cases. In many other cases, the roof doesn’t need to be replaced. Simply apply some spray foam to the roof, thicker in the ponding areas, and you can eliminate the ponding water altogether. Get a great new roof while eliminating ponding water and saving money over replacement. What an option!


Spray foam is a great roofing system for structurally sound but less-than-ideal roofs. Spray foam can utilize the structural integrity of your building to give you a new roof that outperforms the old one and saves you money.

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