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Quick Roof Installation


Replacing a roof an be a long, drawn out process that can shut down operations for weeks if you’re not careful. Most building owners have something going on or being stored in side their building that they don’t want exposed to the elements. They need a quick roof installation to keep everything running or to keep everything safe. If you’re in that boat of needing a quick roof installation, we’ve got a couple of tips and system recommendations for you.

Keep Your Contractor Involved for a Quick Roof Installation

If time is a major concern and you want to get your building under roof very quickly (which who doesn’t), then you should keep your contractor involved from the very beginning. Try to give them advance notice of any changes, keep them in the loop on decisions, and don’t spring things on them that might delay the project. Keeping them in the loop will allow them to properly plan and prepare for the job.

quick roof installation
This roof is very exposed during the tear off process – a scary thought to any building owner.

Tear Off and Replace Quickly 

If you must replace your roof, you’re probably considering tearing off the existing roof so that you can replace it with a new one. If you do tear the old roof off, make sure you choose a new system that can be installed quickly. However, it may be in your best interest to avoid tear-off altogether and therefore avoid the problem of requiring a quick roof installation.

Avoid Roof Tearoff

Probably your best option for a quick roof installation is to completely avoid the roof tearoff process and therefore make a quick roof installation unnecessary. You still won’t want to drag your feet on the install, but your building will be protected throughout the entire installation process if you avoid tearoff. There are also a few roofing systems that can be installed over your existing roof surface, and allow you to avoid tearoff completely.

Spray Foam Roofing

A spray foam roof can be installed directly over top of your existing roof surface. There is no tearoff required and your building remains protected from the elements during the entire process. Ironically, while a quick roof installation is no longer necessary with foam since it keeps your building covered for the entire process, spray foam offers a quicker installation than most other roofing systems out there.

Restoration Coatings

Another great option for a quick roof installation is a restoration coating. These coatings go directly on top of your existing roof, just like with spray foam, and your building remains protected for the entire process.


If you need a new roof because your existing roof is leaking or is out of warranty, you will definitely want a quick roof installation on your new system. Spray foam and restoration are both great ways to quickly replace your roof without ever exposing the inside of your building.

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