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Tear Off Your Roof Quickly


When you are considering tearing off and replacing your roof, there is no doubt that a quick roof tear off and installation is on your mind. You want your roof to be torn off as quickly as possible while still getting the job done right. This is an intelligent and legitimate concern. Keeping your roof exposed to the elements is a dangerous thing if you have people working inside or materials and equipment inside. Obviously, it is very rare that a roof is torn off and simply left opened to the elements, but you may find that you have some leaks in your temporary roofing that make things rather inconvenient inside. So, if you must tear off your roof, find a system and a contractor that can get the job done quickly.

tear off roof quickly
Finding a good contractor is crucial for a good roof tear off.

Finding a Capable Contractor

The first step in performing a quick and effective roof tear-off is to find a contractor who is capable of quickly and carefully tearing off your existing roof. This can’t be done by just anyone. A contractor with a crew of three that serve a small part of town can’t tear off a 10,000,000 square foot roof fast enough for most building owners’ liking. A contractor with more manpower is required for jobs like that.

Once the contractor has torn off the existing roof, they have to be able to install the roofing system that you want to have installed. Try and find a contractor that can do both tear off and installation to save time and money.

Avoid Tear Off

Another option for a quick roof tear off is to avoid it altogether. Rather than choosing a system that requires roof tear off, consider a system that can be retrofit over your existing roof, such as spray foam. A spray foam roof prevents your building from being exposed to the elements during installation, and therefore protects everything inside.


If you must tear off your roof and replace it with a new one, try to find a contractor and a roof system that will allow you to have the project to be completed quickly and safely. The more quickly you can complete your roof tear off and installation, the more quickly you can get your building up and running normally again.

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