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Know Your Roof Plan


As we talk about roof management and ensuring everyone who gets on your roof is safe, we can’t ignore the importance that you know your roof plan before you ever get on it. Having a complete understanding of the layout of your roof is one benefit of knowing the roof plan, but there are others. Let’s look at why it’s so important to know your roof plan and how it can help you.

Understand the Layout of Your Roof

When you get up on your roof to make repairs, check for leaks, repair equipment, or take care of anything else, it’s important to have a good idea of the layout. If you have a smaller roof, this may not be necessary. But many of our customers have multiple buildings that all have roofs over a million square feet. If you are managing that many square feet, it’s going to be extremely difficult to remember where your equipment is, remember where ladders are, drains, etc. By knowing your roof layout and understanding the plans of your roof, you will be able to more effectively find and repair anything that needs to be worked on.

Develop Your Plan for Inspecting the Roof

You should inspect your roof twice annually, and this is much easier if you know your roof plan. When you know your roof plan, you can plan which sections you’ll check first, or which sections you’ll check at all. On a large roof, you may only check 1/4 of the roof each time you perform an inspection. A good roof diagram, prepared because you know your roof plan, helps you to keep track of where you’ve been and where you need to go. Not only that but developing a good plan while you’re in your office is a great way to ensure you don’t forget or miss anything during an inspection.

Give Third Parties Clear Guidance

If you know your roof plan, you can help third parties to better understand what they’re getting into before they get on your roof. Just like when you make an inspection you want a clear picture of the roof, so do those people who are coming to work on your roof. You may understand your roof layout in your head, but if you can’t convey it to third parties, they won’t know. Giving a repairman a sketched out layout of the roof will cut their repair time dramatically.


When you know your roof plan, you can more effectively manage your properties, especially if you manage a large amount of square feet. Know your roof plan to not only work more effectively but to work more safely on your roof.

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