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Know How to Fix Your Roofing Issues?


It’s a universal rule that most roofs will have an issue at some point in time. Sure, some systems are more hassle-free than others (like spray foam), but even spray foam roofs encounter issues occasionally. When these issues arise and you want to tackle them yourself, there are several questions you need to ask yourself. We’ve already looked at a couple questions, such as is the project too big and do you have enough human capital to get it done. Now it’s time to look at the last question to ask: do you know how to fix your roofing issues?

fix your roofing issues
Many roofing projects are simple, but some require expertise that most building owners and maintenance crews don’t possess.

Many Roofing Issues Require Special Expertise

You may be a very handy person, maybe even have some roofing experience, but that doesn’t always mean you can handle the specific project you’re looking at. If you haven’t worked with your exact roof substrate, insulation, decking, fasteners, flashings, or any other number of variables, you could be in for some surprises. Can you figure out how to fix your roofing issues on your own? If you’re handy, probably. But that doesn’t mean it won’t take you time, money for your workers, possible rework, and considerable stress as you work to solve the issue and beat the rain, snow, clock, sun, etc.

What if There’s a Secondary Issue?

Many times, we start a project, especially a roofing project, and find that the issue we planned to fix is not the only issue. There is another flashing that’s worn out, a pipe is damaged, the insulation is wet, or any other number of problems. So, when you plan to fix your roofing issues yourself, you have to prepare for the primary issue and the potential secondary ones. There’s no way to foresee all these issues, so how can you prepare? Only through experience. If you don’t have much experience, these secondary issues can be a real problem and give you a real reason to call a contractor.


If you want to fix your roof issues, there are several questions to ask. One of the most important is do you have the expertise to complete the job? Because even if you have the time and capacity, without the knowledge, you’re sunk.

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