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Handling Large Roofing Projects


When considering your next roofing project, don’t forget the scope of the project. This is an obvious aspect of every project that most people are aware of, but it is occasionally overlooked with disastrous results. Too many people undertake a project they are unprepared for because they ignored the overall size and difficulty of the project. Eventually headaches, incomplete projects, cost overruns, and additional problems lead to calling a commercial roofing contractor to work on these large roofing projects. What concerns do you have to think about before undertaking large roofing projects?

handling large roofing projects
Small projects can often balloon into a major undertaking.

Projects Grow in Size

On large roofing projects, everything is rarely as it seems. The amount of time, labor and money you think will be required can be well short of what is actually needed. You see a project and assume you can fix it in an afternoon. Turns out it takes a professional roofing contractor a week and a half with a crew of three workers. The problem is that building owners often don’t have the expertise to estimate or execute roofing project requirements. What you estimate as a quick fix, a commercial roofing contractor can immediately identify as a big project. So you think the project is smaller than it truly is, which results in problems.

You Often Have to Call a Contractor in the End

As a result of the project growing and becoming more difficult, you often have to call the contractor in the end. What started out as a way to save money, or time, or not deal with a contractor accomplished none of those goals in the end. Of course this doesn’t happen on every project. Many DIY projects, even in a commercial roof application, go smoothly or smooth enough. However, problems arise often enough that it’s worth mentioning. The potential for your project to go south and require a contractor often makes it worth calling the contractor straight out of the gate. Of course, that’s a decision you must make yourself.


Large roofing projects are not easy to carry out – that’s why we have commercial roofing contractors. We believe that the benefit provided by a commercial roofing contractor greatly outweigh the cost, as evidenced by the number of DIY projects that go south. Give us a call today if you’d like to utilize a commercial roofing contractor with over 40 years of experience on your next project.

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