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Installing Roof Coatings Over Your Existing Roof


There are a myriad of roof coatings available and at your disposal for roof renewal. They all have different advantages and disadvantages, but we won’t get into that with this blog post. We’re just going to look at how you can easily install roof coatings to restore and renew your roof. This provides you with a new warranty, better waterproofing, and some energy savings thanks to roof coatings reflectivity. So what is the installation process like to get all those great benefits of a roof coating? Let’s take a look at what is required, and what makes roof coatings the easiest-to-install roofing system.

Clean and Prep the Roof

Once it is determined that a roof is in good structural condition and will remain sturdy long after the installation of a roof coating, then it’s time to prep the roof. A simple power washing of the roof and some prep around seams, fasteners, and protrusions is all that is required. Usually, this just means an extra layer of coating, but occasionally some tape or fabric may be necessary to reinforce these areas. That is all the prep work that is required in 98% of cases, it doesn’t get any easier than that as far as prep work is concerned.

Coating the Roof

Once the roof has been prepped, it’s time to coat the roof. This can usually be done in 1-2 coats with either a standard paint roller or a spray machine. It takes some practice to get good at installing roof coatings, but not near as much as it does to install spray foam ****Link to installing spray foam****. Once you know how to properly install roof coatings and developed the skill, it is the easiest roofing system to install on the

installing roof coatings
Installing roof coatings can rehabilitate your existing roof and save you thousands.

planet. Simply apply 1-2 coats, and then leave the roof. That’s all it takes, no other system is nearly as simply installed as roof coatings.


There are many roofing systems out there that claim to be easily installed, but no system can compete with roof coatings when it comes to easy installation. A 3 step process that ends with quickly applying the coating directly to the roof, it doesn’t get any simpler than that. Give us a call today if you’d like to learn more about installing roof coatings on your existing roof.

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