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Experienced Contractors Detect Problems Earlier


Roofs that are habitually ignored, i.e. aren’t inspected twice a year with a focus on the small details, tend to last only about half as long as roofs that are properly taken care of in our experience. This means that if you aren’t inspecting your roof on a regular basis, and your contractor isn’t interacting with your roof on a regular basis, you’re probably going to have to replace your roof sooner than you would if you were taking proper care of it. By inspecting your roof and allowing your contractor to become familiar with it, you can ensure that you detect problems earlier.

detect problems earlier
Regular inspections allow you to find small problems before they become large problems.

Regularity Allows You to Detect Problems Earlier

You don’t want your contractor on your roof every day, but you probably do want them up there every six to twelve months. We always recommend performing inspections every fall and spring, to prepare for winter and recover from winter, respectively. If you’re not comfortable with inspecting your roof yourself, you should contract it out to a professional. Their regular inspections will help you to detect problems earlier while they are still small and manageable, and not major issues that require more time and money.

Spend Money to Save Money

As with many things in life, investing more on your roof up front can actually save you money in the long run. By hiring on a good roofing contractor or inspector, you can guarantee that they will detect problems earlier. By detecting these problems before they become major issues, you can expect to significantly reduce the amount you spend on repairs, as well as increase the useful life of your roof. If you can delay the inevitable roof replacement with nothing more than inspections and minor repairs, you are saving big money.


Your roof should be inspected regularly to allow for minor failures and imperfections to be detected before they turn into disasters. If you don’t feel comfortable inspecting your own roof, hire a professional to perform the inspections for you. We offer roof maintenance agreements that include an inspection of the roof if you’d like to go that route. In most cases, hiring a professional roof inspector can save you serious money over the life of your roof. Thanks for reading.

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