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Energy Saving Tips for Your Building


If you own or operate a building, you don’t want to spend any more money than you have to on energy. You want to spend the money required to keep your building well lit, comfortable, and keep the outlets working, but you don’t want to waste any money. We understand that saving money wherever possible is a major concern for all of our customers. So, we’ve put together a list of energy saving tips for you to use in your building. These tips will help you to keep costs down, without compromising the appearance and atmosphere of your building.

Turn Off Lights When Not In Use

Shutting down the factory for a weekend? Turn off the lights! This is such a simple way to reduce energy consumption, yet many people overlook it. It’s a good idea to keep a light on in the foyer of your building, or a few security lights on in the warehouse, but it doesn’t need to be well lit when no one is there. Illuminate your sign, any maybe the front door so that your security cameras can see, but you don’t need to have the whole building lights on.

This also applies to individual offices and rooms. If someone is out of town, make sure they turn their lights off. If it’s 2 PM and everyone has eaten lunch, turn off the kitchen lights. The next person to use the room can turn the lights back on as easily as you turned them off.

help conserve energy
Save Energy by reducing the amount of electric being used

Turn Off Computers, Copiers, and Printers

Many of our newer devices have low power or reduced energy settings built in, but many still don’t. If your printer has a quick startup time, just leave it off and turn it on when you need to print. If you have a printer at your desk, unplug it until you need to print something.

Pay Attention to Your Thermostats

Thermostats are another commonly overlooked energy vampire. If you adjust the temperature by just one degree, you can either expend or save a lot of energy. Do you really need the office to be 69 in the summer, or can 70 work? That minor adjustment in a big office, over the course of a summer, can save a ton.

Avoid Using Space Heaters

Space heaters seem like they might save money on energy because they are small and quick. In reality, space heaters are less effective than central heat and air. They require a lot of electricity and generally aren’t great at distributing the heat. Rather than space heaters, it might be a better idea to just keep a light jacket at your desk. If you or your employees do use a space heater, make sure you turn them off overnight.

Prevent Appliance Vampiring

Many different appliances and items with plugs, such as phone chargers, Keurigs, toasters, and TVs can continue to pull electricity even when they’re off and not in use. A single charger doesn’t create much of a problem, but if you’ve got an office full of people leaving chargers plugged in at all times, that adds up and can cost you loads of energy fast.

Check Your Windows

Windows can let in unwanted air through being accidentally left open, or drafts at the seals. Make sure your windows are sealed properly, are replaced when they get too old and aren’t accidentally left open.


There are many more energy saving tips that we didn’t cover in this post. Dressing for the right weather, insulating your roof properly, sealing up exterior doors. All these things can help reduce energy consumption in your building and save you money. If you’d like to know how we can help you save energy in your building, contact us today.

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