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Benefits of Spray Foam Contractors


Many roofing contractors started out because one person, often the owner of the company, knew how to install a certain type of roof and wanted to work for themselves. After 20 or so years in business, the company still installs that type of roof and they have become sort of a “one-trick pony”.

This is not the case with us as a spray foam contractor. We started out in spray foam 40 years ago because we knew quality and we knew roofing. We recognized the value of spray foam and that becoming a spray foam contractor was a great way to not only make money, but also help building owners sleep better at night.

So, not only are we excellent at installing spray foam, but we can install many other roofing systems as well. This is the case with many spray foam contractors who recognize that spray foam isn’t always the best option for a building owner and that sometimes other systems should be used. This makes us more rounded as contractors as we become competent with multiple systems.

Spray Foam Contractors Work in Many Seasons

There is a lot of misconception out there that spray foam can only be installed on a sunny day with temperatures between 72-74 degrees and 0% humidity. That may be an exaggeration, but the misconception is there. People think the weather has to be perfect and they view that as a limitation for spray foam contractors.

Quite the contrary, we can install foam in many different climates, conditions, and regions. Sure, you won’t see us spraying foam in zero degree weather, but you won’t see many roofing contractors out in that weather. We have a lot more versatility of when we can install our system than most people know.

Spray Foam Contractors Offer the Easiest Repairs

Our systems are very easily repaired; many times the building owner can make their own repairs. All you really need to properly repair a spray foam roof is a rag, a knife, and some caulk. This saves you time and money after the installation and is another advantage of utilizing a spray foam contractor.


Spray foam contractors offer many benefits that typical roofing contractors simply can’t compete with. The spectrum of our capabilities is greater, the window in which we can install our product is fantastic, and most repairs to our systems are so easy, a caveman could do it.

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