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Spray Foam Saves In More Ways Than One


Spray foam is too expensive. Spray foam doesn’t work. Spray foam is a fad. These are just a few of the many excuses we’ve heard over the years of why someone doesn’t want foam on their roof. The problem is that these excuses simply hold no water.

Spray foam isn’t a fad, it’s been installed for over half a century, and many spray foam roofs that were installed 30-40 years ago are still in use today.

Spray foam does work, in hurricanes, tornadoes, heavy rain, snow, sleet, or blistering heat, foam outperforms all other roofing materials.

Spray foam is an extremely cost-effective roofing system. This is the myth we’ll focus on here, how cost-effective spray foam is.

Save money with Spray Foam Roofing
This crew is applying spray foam directly to the metal roof deck.

Not the Cheapest Material

Spray foam is rarely the least expensive roofing option. Generally, if you get a quote for three different materials, spray foam will be the most expensive to install. However, that does not mean that spray foam isn’t the most cost-effective system. In most cases, the cost savings that foam provides after installation make it the most cost-effective system available, even if it costs the most money up front. You have to view your roof as an investment, not an expense. If you look at it this way, it becomes a lot easier to see the value that a spray foam roof provides.

Spray Foam Provides Amazing Cost Savings Through Energy Reduction

Spray Foam is estimated to save building owners 13-56% over its lifecycle when compared to membrane roofing systems. With lifecycle costs of most roofing systems increasing all the time, these savings can be significant. Energy reduction is just one way that spray foam saves building owners money, through superior insulation capabilities and reflective coatings that cool the inside of the building..

Spray Foam Provides Amazing Cost Savings Through Better Performance

On top of the energy savings it provides, spray foam saves you money by outperforming other roofing materials. The system reduces tear-off and disposal costs because it can be applied over top of many existing roof systems and doesn’t require replacement every 15-30 years. Foam also saves you money through reduced maintenance as leaks are less common and are easier to fix when they do occur.

Finally, foam can receive only a recoat at the end of its life rather than replacing a membrane system and save on tear-out and installation costs.


Spray foam saves building owners money every year through improved insulation and energy performance as well as stronger performance as a roof in general. Fewer leaks, fewer repairs, and lower lifecycle costs mean you save money.

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