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Avoiding Roof Repairs


In a previous post, we examined some common roofing problems at a high level. This post will more closely examine the problem of excessive roof repairs. More specifically, we’re going to look at avoiding roof repairs as a way to save time and money.
Roof repairs aren’t necessarily a bad thing; if you’re making repairs it means you’re fixing a problem and allowing your roof to perform better. That’s a good thing, right? Yes, the part of roof repairs that cause better roof performance is a great thing. However, roof repairs take time and cost money. If you’re busy (and who isn’t), then that part of roof repairs is a problem. You have to identify the issue on your roof, determine how it will be fixed, and then make sure it gets fixed. Each of these steps takes time and money. From that point of view, roof repairs aren’t so great, and that’s why so many people are interested in avoiding roof repairs altogether. Let’s check out some steps you can take to minimize the amount of time and money you spend making repairs on your roof.

Avoiding Roof Repairs
If your roof needs to be repaired, you should repair it.

Disclaimer: Don’t Neglect Your Roof

Before we look at ways to minimize roof repairs, it’s important to say that if your roof needs to be repaired, you should not avoid it in those instances. You should avoid roof repairs by taking preemptive action to prevent the problems from occurring in the first place, but once you need to make repairs, you will cause further damage by avoiding them. With that in mind, let’s check out some things you can do to avoid major roof repairs that cost you time and money.

Avoiding Unnecessary Foot Traffic

We’ve said it on our blog many times, but is truly is the easiest way to avoid roof repairs: don’t walk on your roof if you don’t need to. Avoid storing things on your roof, avoid getting on the roof for anything that isn’t necessary. Foot traffic causes unnecessary wear on your roof and causes problems that will eventually require repair.

Perform Inspections and Fix the Small Problems

Performing regular roof inspections mean you’ll see your roof surface twice a year, and you’ll have a great chance of catching small problems before they balloon into major problems. Avoiding roof repairs starts with regular, thorough inspections that allow you to fix problems before they’re really even considered a repair. A few screws here, a tube of caulk there, and you’ve fixed the majority of roof problems in just an afternoon, rather than days or weeks.

Call a Professional

Finally, the best method of avoiding roof repairs is to call a professional whenever you aren’t quite sure what you need to do. Not sure how to inspect your roof? Call a professional to show you how or perform it for you. Not sure if the problem you found needs a full-blown repair? Call a contractor to have a look. Getting a second opinion is the best way to make sure you’re making the correct decision.


Avoiding roof repairs doesn’t mean that you don’t make repairs when they’re necessary, it means the opposite. It means that you take as much preventative action as possible to keep major problems from appearing. It means that you make small repairs when they’re necessary to ensure they don’t become major issues. If you have questions about roof inspections or making repairs, give us a call.

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