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Accountability from Your Contractor


Sadly, many contractors today, be they roofing or other contractors, don’t live with a lot of integrity. They don’t own up to and fix their mistakes, instead they’d rather install a roof and then disconnect their phone line, never to be heard of again. This is simply the sad reality that we live in today.
We, however, pride ourselves on our service, our commitment to fix problems, and our accountability after our roof’s are installed. We’re a family owned and operated business, and have been for 40+ years. We know what it means to count on others, and also to be let down by them. That’s why we strive every day to please our customers and make sure we do things the right way.

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If there is a problem on one of our roofs, you can rest assured we’ll get out and fix it for you.

Fixing our Mistakes

We work extremely hard to do everything the right way on your roof, and are constantly training our employees to make sure they know the most up to date best practices of our system. However, all the training, experience, and attention to detail in the world can’t prevent 100% of mistakes and mishaps. That’s why we have repair crews ready to fix your roof on a moment’s notice. That’s why our trucks are equipped with wireless internet so we can immediately convey the situation to our crews and they can immediately respond to start fixing the problem.
We want to be perfect, and we try to be, but we know that when you’re the largest spray foam roofing contractor in the US, you’re going to make some mistakes on the millions of square feet of roofing you do every year. The difference between us and other contractors is that we are prepared and anxious to fix these problems. We don’t let them sit on the back burner, we fix them immediately.



Accidents happen; mistakes happen. We want to give you the best possible roofing experience, and sometimes that means fixing our mistake when we do make one. We can’t guarantee we’ll be perfect, but if we mess up, we’ll make it right for you.

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